Introduction to the site

My name is Krys Lanowski, Witold Lanowski was my father and I decided to do a web site dedicated to my father as there is a lot of information available on the internet but not the stories and snippets that his family heard.

As a young child and up to the day my father went into the blue yonder, hopefully with a strong tail wind and a clear `6', I enjoyed and was often awed by his stories and memories. I always liked to look through his photo albums when I was young but only recently have I realised the importance of his contribution to history as have many people all over the globe who have either written about him, created replica flying models of his now famous thunderbolt, or contacted me for information about his exploits.

I have recently seen how the interest has grown about my father over the last few years, his life story, the planes he flew and his opinions of them, the images of his planes including the chance to actually fly some of them in a flight simulation game called Ilyushin 2!

I myself have given talks and have published his memoirs in the UK, America and Poland (translated into Polish) so a web page was another way to broaden the knowledge base out there.

So, the following is a very condensed view of his life from his birth in Poland to his leaving the RAF service in the 1950's. I have included pages which are his personal views of the planes that he flew in combat, gallery pages, listed his claims with the 56th FG and also a page which includes extracts from official Polish records. There is also a few paragraphs on the `propaganda' that has been popular since the second world war about the `September 1939' campaign and the lies that were told which have never been disputed, until now! so please read it as it will shed some light on the ridiculous claims by so called `historians'

I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I will update the pages periodically with additional information and photo's especially after his memoirs are published so keep checking back for additional info!



Krys Lanowski